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Multi-certified Dog Trainer

Rebecca Pasko

Rebecca Pasko is a passionate advocate for nurturing the extraordinary bond between dogs and their owners. With over a decade of experience as a multi-credentialed professional dog trainer, Rebecca has dedicated her career to helping pet parents navigate the joys and challenges of raising a well-behaved canine companion. As the founder of Happy With Dogs, her mission is to provide dog owners with expert guidance, support, and comprehensive resources that empower them to cultivate a deep, lifelong connection with their furry friends.

Drawing from her extensive expertise in personalized training approaches and canine behavior, Rebecca has developed a range of convenient, easily accessible online solutions that address the common struggles and questions passionate dog owners face. If you're ready to take your bond with your canine companion to new heights and experience the delight of a well-behaved dog, Rebecca invites you to download her exclusive guide.

What People are Saying...

"I adopted a 3 year old Pittie, Melli, from the shelter and needed help with training her and redirecting her dog reactivity. I have reached out to other training programs/companies but nothing compares to that of Happy with Dogs. They are so efficient with their timing of responses, effectively training dogs in a loving and kind manner, and truly wanting to help provide advice and encouragement for dog owners. My pup LOVES seeing the staff members and gets so excited to train with them. I am so thankful I chose this training program and continue to see my dog improve with every session we have and all we continue to learn."

Shantell & Melli

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